A SIM-game horse. Virtuaalihevonen.


westfalen, stallion GER
15/12/2014 24 yrs (VARL)
16.3 hh (166 cm), bay
imported by Dercht Westfalen Stud evm
owned by VRL-02207
Rest in Peace 1.10.2017

Dressage: Prix St. Georges

This horse is a dressage horse and competes in graduated KRJ at level PSG. Check quality points and wins from here.

Breeding: OK

Available for especially (westfalen) warmblood mares. Contact fandhs[AT]luukku.com for foal planning.


Don't try to master him, or you soon will learn how the dust tastes like. Fish is not a fish at all - he is The Fisher, more likely, that is going to catch you... So be prepared.
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06/06/2015 ♂ Lovex


Fahrengraner evm

Fahrenslit Benjen evm

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WF Lotus evm

Derrian evm

Stolk Hammerswitch evm

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Stolk Hiwen evm

About the Pedigree/Sukuselvitys:

Coming on later. Tulossa myöhemmin.